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Slant Open International Landscape Design Competition 2013/2014


Overview of Competition

With this, our fifth SLANT competition you are being invited to submit a design for a public space/park which will be designed to incorporate, either in part or in whole, the concept of “Transition”, and you are free to interpret this concept as you please.

Transition effect us all most days of our lives and it can be found in many different areas of our interests and activities. Politics, the Arts, Technology, History, Geography, Geology, Society, Family, Religion… these are just some of the areas that can express and experience transition, but you have a free hand in selecting your own area of interest on which to base your concept and design.

So in other words, apart from providing all of the facilities and features, including cafés and restaurants, toilets etc. which you believe will make this an attractive and practical public space, we want you to give expression to our theme of “transition”. Some may choose to express this concept right across their entire design, whilst others may select to confine it to specific areas or some to an object such as a work of art, or perhaps others may choose to design a structure such as a pavilion, however, regardless of which method you choose, it is important that you express the theme in a meaningful way. The selection and use of materials used in the course of expressing the theme, both hard and soft (i.e. plants) will be noted by the judges.

The site in question is not a real site, it has been designed solely for this competition, and its location is not being specified.

It is a generic site that could be almost anywhere in the world and you are free to choose the country and location in which you would like this imaginary site to be placed.

There will be merit awards and cash prizes on offer for the best designs and the best 15 projects will be published on our website and our Facebook page.

This is an open international competition and as such is open to all designers of all disciplines, and at all levels of experience.

Closing date for receipt of completed designs is 28 February 2014

Plot Details

Your design on which you will be judged must be contained within the defined site boundaries as displayed on the official competition drawing. There is however one exception to this rule and this is where the site meets the sea, and details of this exemption are mentioned below under the heading ‘North Boundary’

This is a coastal site with a total area of some 14ha.


            download materials from here

The site is bounded to the north by a body of water (sea or lake or river or canal..... you choose), to the east by public woodland, to the south by a public road and to the west by private housing.

The site is conceived to be generally level and sloping gently to the shoreline; however you are entirely free to determine all levels as you choose.

The perimeter of the entire site should be made secure in order to allow for controlled access to the park.

The North Boundary: You are expected to include the shoreline in your design, but the exact nature of this shoreline is for you to decide. You may, if you choose, design a structure or structures which will extend beyond the water’s edge on the strict condition that the overall area of this structure or structures does not exceed 5000M² and that they do no extend more than 150M beyond the water’s edge as indicated on the official competition drawing. Any such qualifying structures will be considered as part of your overall design and as such will be taken into consideration by the judges. These structures may be considered to fall outside of the secure perimeter of the site.

East Boundary: The site is bounded to the east by an area of public woodland, and although this area is outside the site boundary and therefore does not form part of the design brief, you are however free to decide the relationship between the ‘new park’ and the adjacent public woodland, for example on the one hand you may choose to keep the areas separate, or then again you may choose to create and to show a link or links between the two spaces.

South Boundary: The site has a road frontage of some 351M and to the southwest corner of the site there is an area of some 1.2ha which has been set aside for the provision of public parking and this public car park is intended primarily for use by visitors to the park. The location of the access roads is fixed and cannot be altered. Due consideration of traffic management should be given in relation to access and egress to and from the site both for pedestrian and vehicular traffic. In addition to private transport it is envisaged that the park will be well serviced by public transport in the form of a regular bus service and adequate provision must be made to allow for buses stopping at the park. There is a rail-link within ten minutes walk of the park. Apart from access to the public car park there will be no vehicular access to the park, apart that is from authorised access for maintenance, security etc.

West Boundary: There is a well established estate of private housing to the west of the site, and although it is expected that the residents here will become regular and enthusiastic users of this new facility, it is felt that the interface between these two separate and distinct areas will require a clear and careful treatment.

Please Note: The North Point has been included to assist in the description of the plot details but you are free to change the orientation of the site to suit your design.

For more information on plot details please visit FAQ


download materials from here


This is a worldwide competition open to all those who have an interest in design. Everyone from whatever background and level of experience is welcome to enter and previously we have had submissions from a broad spectrum of designers, including, Landscape Architects, Architects, Landscape Designers, Garden Designers, Interior Designers, Engineers, Planners, and Visual Artists. Students of all disciplines and at all levels of study are especially encouraged to enter. The official language of the competition is English.


The competition is now open for entries and if you would like to enter, then the first thing you being asked to do is to pay your entry fee. Once your entry fee has been received by us, we will then send you :

• Your Official Entry Form and your own unique Entry Number.


You may enter as often as you like, either as an individual, or in a team, or as a company or firm, and you have up to 28 February 2014 to make your final submission.

Entry Fees:

One Person ..........................€ 45

Team of Two Persons ..............€ 75

Team of Three Persons ............€112

Team of Four or More Persons ...€150

Firm/Company ......................€150

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If you would like at this stage to simply register your interest please simply pay a Registration Fee of €10 and once this Registration Fee has been received by us we will then enter you onto the Register of Interest and send you your own unique Registration Number.
Note: Details of how and when you can pay the balance of your entry fee will be sent to you along with your Registration Number.

Pay Registration Fee

If you are paying either by PayPal or by Bank Transfer, please ensure that the name and email address of the contestant/s is clearly shown on your payment form as provided by either PayPal or by your Bank, and in the case of a team submission, the name and email address of your agreed contact member.

PayPal payments are virtually instant, but Bank Transfers will take a few days to reach us, so if you are paying by Bank Transfer please email us and let us know once payment has been sent and let us know the details of your payment.

• If you have any questions, or require any assistance in making your payment then please contact us and we will respond just as fast as we can.

Awards & Cash Prizes

First Prize: - €500 plus “Slant Certificate of Award for Best Overall Project”

Second Prize: - €200 plus “Slant Certificate of Award for Second Best Overall Project”

An additional six projects will receive “Slant Certificate of Award of High Commendation”


Submission Check List:
• Poster/s
• Written Project Description
• Entry Form and Declaration of Consent/Authorship

Posters may be submitted either in digital format, or if you prefer your drawings may be sent in via standard mail.

• Your ‘Project Name’ should appear on each of your posters.

• A ‘page number’ must be shown on the bottom left-hand corner of each poster.

• Your ‘Entry Number’ must be shown on the bottom right-hand side of each poster.

Digital Posters: (e.g. pdf, jpg etc) must have a combined file size no greater than 12MB and containing a maximum of five posters. Please ensure that your registration number , and not your contestant name/s, is clearly displayed on each poster.
Please email your digital submissions to to arrive no later than midday GMT on 28 February 2014.

Paper Posters: You may send up to five drawings with a maximum page size of A2, although we suggest that a page size of A3 should be more than adequate. Please ensure that your registration number , and not your contestant name/s, is clearly displayed on each poster.
Paper submissions must be sent postmarked no later than the 28 February 2014 to:
Hugh Ryan, Slant Organisation, Kilballyowen, Aughrim, Co. Wicklow. Ireland.
Postage must be pre-paid and at no cost to the recipient.
Incomplete submissions may be rejected so please ensure that you have everything in order.

Project Description:
Please include a separate A4 document containing a written description of up to 1000 words in support of your design, again ensuring that your entry number and not your name is clearly displayed.


Details of the judges for our previous competitions can be viewed on the Jury page.
Jury members for the SLANT Competition, ‘Transition’ will be announced at a later date.

Judging Criteria

The jury will of course be primarily interested in your ideas for making this park distinctive and memorable, but they will also examine the practicality of your design proposals.

With respect to the practicality, the jury will have special regard to the following, but not necessarily in this order of importance:
• Access to and from the park.
• Circulation within the park.
• Services provided to the visitors. It is seen as important that your park be open to all people, of all ages and at all levels of mobility
• Function and organisation of the various regions of the park.
• Selection and use of plants and materials.
• Protection of the environment.
• Health and safety.

Entries will be assessed, and points awarded in accordance with the following score sheet:

                                    400 points                Interpretation of the brief and the theme... "Transition".
                                    200 points                Clarity of Presentation
                                    200 points                Innovation
                                    100 points                Use of hard materials
                                    100 points                Use of plants
                                    100 points                Boundary treatment
                                  1100 points               Total Potential Score


Once received, all entries will be checked and assessed, and a long-list of up to thirty projects will be drawn up.
When this list has been compiled, successful entrants will be informed, and the list will be published on
Next this selection will be reduced to a Short-List of 15 projects and again the successful entrants will be informed, and the 15 projects will then be published in full on the SLANT website ( and on our Facebook page where viewers will have the opportunity of voting for their favourite design and a certificate will be awarded to the most popular project.
The jury will then be asked to make their final selections and the Awards will be announced on 15 April 2014.
In the event that a jury member is unable to fulfil their duties the organisers reserve the right to appoint a suitably qualified replacement.
The jury’s decision will be final and no appeal, legal or otherwise will be entertained.
No persons related to, or employed by the Organisers or Judges will be eligible to enter the competition.


                                      November     2013                 Announcement of Competition
                                      20 December 2013                 End of Reduced Fee Period
                                      28 February   2014                 Submission Deadline
                                      14 March       2014                 Publication of Long-List
                                      21 March       2014                 Publication of Short-List
                                      15 April         2014                 Publication of Jury Decision


We invite comments and questions from you regarding this competition at , and questions and answers can be viewed now on FAQ page.

Terms & Conditions

1. By submitting an entry in the competition, participants agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions, which form the rules of the competition.
2.Submissions may be made either in digital format, or if you prefer your drawings may be sent in via standard mail. Digital submissions: (e.g. pdf, jpg etc) must have a combined file size no greater than 12MB and containing a maximum of five posters.
Please email your digital submissions to to arrive no later than midday GMT on 28 February 2014.
Paper submissions: You may send up to five drawings with a maximum page size of A2, although we suggest that a page size of A3 should be more than adequate.
Paper submissions must be sent postmarked no later than the 28 February 2014 to: Hugh Ryan, Kilballyowen, Aughrim, Co. Wicklow. Ireland Postage must be pre-paid and at no cost to the recipient.
Incomplete submissions may be rejected so please ensure that you have everything in order. Please ensure that your registration number, and not contestant names, is clearly displayed on each poster.
3. The entrant(s) hereby confirm(s) that they are authorized to submit the project for consideration for the Slant Competition.The entrant(s) also confirm(s) that they are authorised to grant rights of use under the copyright to the materials submitted with the competition entry, including but not limited to images, and give(s) permission to publish the project submitted on the Slant website and in the media (Internet, print media, TV and radio), as well as in other publications associated with the event and with the organiser Slant. Entries may be rejected if plagiarism is detected. The documents submitted shall remain with the organiser and shall not be returned.
4. Entrants agree to provide the following personal information, name, full address, telephone number, mobile number, email address, full name and location of place of study. Entrants are fully responsible for the complete and accurate submission of their personal information.
5. The competition will be launched in November 2013 and final submissions must be received by midday GMT on 28 February 2014 (emails) or postmarked 28 February 2014 (post)
6. Slant reserves the right to modify or cancel the competition, or to alter the dates of the competition, or the way the competition is conducted or for any reason after publishing this alteration(s) on the website and Facebook page. In the event that the competition is cancelled, either in part or in whole, all entry fees associated with the cancelled part or parts of this competition will be refunded, less a €3.00 handling charge.
7. Slant accepts no responsibility for entries that are lost, delayed, misdirected, incomplete, or cannot be delivered for any technical or other reason.
8. Cooling–Off Period You will receive your Official Entry Form and your own unique Registration Number within two working days of us receiving payment of your entry fee and you will then have seven days from time of dispatch of these documents to withdraw from the competition, in which case you will receive a full refund of your fee less €5 to cover the cost of administration. Registration Fees are non-refundable due to the cost of administration.

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